Portrait Hints and Tips

What's the hardest part about having a family portrait made?

For most families, just getting everyone together is the biggest challenge. With today's busy schedules coordination around jobs, schools, meetings, and other activities can be a real problem. Not to mention the added difficulty when some members need to travel from other cities!

So, when you finallly DO get it all together, it makes sense to do everything you can to have the best portrait possible. Fortunately, a little bit of planning can go a long way towards insuring that your efforts will reward you with a portrait that will increase in personal value in the years to come. Here are some of our best Hints & Tips for having a successful family portrait.

Portrait Tips

Try to avoid bold stripes, flowery designs, busy patterns and loud color. As for clothing choices, we usually recommend all white. Simple, plain outfits photograph best. Our aim is to produce a timeless, beautiful portrait of you and your family. The best way to begin is with simplicity! Our most successful portraits have been produced with white clothing. A combination of white and khaki or white and blue jeans, for something a little more casual, is also popular. Soft pastels will also work well when properly coordinated. Bright colors can be used for more of a fashion statement. Just make sure they are complementary. It is best to stay away from designs, prints and patterns. Work for balance, harmony and color coordination.


Long hair or hair that is easily moved can be a problem on the beach and there is almost always a sea breeze. Plan for it. If you must use some hair spray, use "light or flex hold" very sparingly as to allow your hair to flow naturally. Avoid new cuts and styles. I can not be responsible for windblown hair! Fly away hair can be retouched but not in the face or over the eyes.


If your wear glasses and plan to wear them for your portrait session, we highly recommend that you have your optician temporarily remove the lenses or borrow a pair of empty frames. Not only do glasses catch reflections but they can also distort the face line. Glass glare can be retouched out at an additional expense.

For the Girls...

Keep your make-up natural and fresh. No glitter or shine. A good base cuts glare and shine. Blend well into the neck, chest and shoulders. Avoid tan lines and sunburns. Don't try to get that tan all in one day! Our photographic procedure will give you a moderate tan anyway.

No cream on legs!. It makes sand stick and hard to get off.

For the Guys...

A fresh shave is a must! If you have a beard or mustache, make sure it is neatly trimmed.